SHEEN Ambassador

Girls' Generation Yoona Introduces the SHB-100

Girls' Generation Yoona Introduces the SHB-100


On June 23 Girls’ Generation K-pop group members gathered at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul as CASIO brand ambassadors to host an autograph session and to mark the debut of new SHEEN and BABY-G models.

About 70 specially selected fans lined up to meet and greet them.

Yoona took part in this event wearing the SHEEN SHB-100CG-4A.

Group members were asked "How do you use a smartphone-linkable watch?"
Here are their replies.

These days I am doing a lot in China, so I think it is great that I can change World Time settings on my smartphone. There are many ways I can use smartphone linking in China. I first thought that operation might be difficult, but it is really quite easy. The watch can be charged using solar power, so there is no need to replace the battery.

This watch can link with a smartphone and is so easy to use. I want to give one to my mother as a present. Operation is simple, so I am sure my mother will be able to handle it.

It's very important for all of us to keep our appointments, so linking this watch with a smartphone helps to make sure that the time setting is always accurate. A dual time world time function comes in handy when traveling to other countries.
All of the girls seem to agree that the members of this international group really like the capabilities that smartphone linking gives them.

Another popular point Girls' Generation members like about these watches are their great designs.

I like the color pink. But this model is not just pink, it is a new peach gold color that I really love. The face of the watch is decorated with simple Swarowski crystals, creating a sparkling style that really suits me.

The design and coloring of this watch are really cute. It's a design that is feminine and elegant.