Time Ring Series Users Around the World

Ni YiJun Flight attendant
Ni YiJun

My work takes me to countries here and there around the world. That is why I feel like the SHB-100 was designed just for me. It connects by Bluetooth to an app running on my smartphone for quick and easy adjustment of time settings to match my current location. Solar power charging means it keeps on running on sunlight. How much smarter can you get? Not only that, it has Swarovski crystals at the 12 o'clock hour marker for a really elegant look. I never go anywhere without my CASIO SHEEN SHB-100 watch.

Liu Hongyue TV hostess
Liu Hongyue

I am the type of person who may forget my wedding ring at times, but I never forget my wristwatch. For me, it is very important to be on time and so my wristwatch is time incarnate. It is one of my most valued possessions. The smartphone link functions of the CASIO SHEEN Time Ring Series watches are just the thing for a person like me because they let me adjust time settings in an instant. The current time is accurate and error-free, which means I never have to worry about it at all. Every second counts when getting ready to go on the air, so my watch is an essential part of my everyday activities. Solar charging even lets me use the sun as my own personal power source. To a person for whom time is so important, my wrist watch serves as a valuable companion and partner throughout each busy day.

Aki Bai Weiwei Photographer
Aki Bai Weiwei

My job as a camera operator takes me to countries all around the globe, and so it's important to keep track of what time it is no matter where I happen to be. I have been eagerly awaiting the CASIO SHEEN brand for a very long time. The SHB-100 SHEEN Time Ring Series, can connect to my smartphone by Bluetooth. I can download the CASIO WATCH+ app and install it on my phone. Then, when I travel between time zones, I can update the watch settings to my current location with the press of a button. Traveling with my SHEEN watch is the absolute best!

Zhang Xiaoyuan Magazine editor
Zhang Xiaoyuan

I am always going on international trips, so I recently picked up a CASIO SHEEN Time Ring Series smartphone link wrist watch. A simple press of the lower left button starts up its Bluetooth function and connects with the CASIO Watch+ app running on my smartphone. Then the watch automatically updates its time settings for my current location. This is really great for someone like me. No more fumbling around to change settings after arriving in a different time zone. Not only that, the styling of the SHB-100 is fashionable and elegant, which helps me look good while on the go!

Xiao Liujinger Travel blogger
Xiao Liujinger

For me, the most relaxing time is when I am traveling. As I move my eyes from place to place on a world map, each place name brings back memories of scenes that I saw there. I don't even feel any time difference when I travel to a far off place. Especially with my CASIO SHEEN SHB-100 Time Ring Series watch, which connects by Bluetooth with my smartphone and automatically adjusts its time setting to my current location. Super good... Just like me!