Time Ring Series Users Around the World
Hong Kong

Hana Tam Fashion model/ Blogger Hana Tam Fashion model/ Blogger

"Call me workaholic! Wearing a woman's functional watch to travel over the world, simply use the apps and connect with Bluetooth, it will adjust to the global time automatically. When I looking at the dual dial watch which showing two different time zone, it makes me homesick seriously!"

Ni YiJun
Eva Cheung DJ/ Fashion model Eva Cheung DJ/ Fashion model

"Oh! Tomorrow is my birthday! Just received CASIO SHEEN peach gold watch. Besides the watch is gentle and generous, and there is a very special feature to use! Connect with Bluetooth, world time will adjust automatically via the smartphone! As I travel to work very often, it helps to save the time and trouble which I need to adjust the time manually! Also, dual dial displaying two time zone simultaneously, it's very convenient for me!"

Liu Hongyue