Time Ring Series Users Around the World

小院 Xiao Yuan Florist 小院 Xiao Yuan Florist

My SHB-100 can quickly adjust to the current time in any time zone around the world, and has a simple yet elegant design. A floral designer like me sometimes needs the energy and beauty so embodied in this watch.

朱回馨 Zhu Hui Xin Pâtissière 朱回馨 Zhu Hui Xin Pâtissière

My SHEEN watch arrived today. Its peach gold coloring is super easy to coordinate! Though I was busy yesterday, today it was such a nice day I went to Osaka's Nakanoshima to see the Yodo River. I've been in Osaka for nine months and things are settling down. I am thankful to God for all I have experienced and to the people who have helped me.

When my CASIO SHEEN arrived, I made some celebratory biscuits. Of course, I cannot give one to everyone who has been kind to me, so instead I gave them as a token of my feelings and warm love to my local church members.

俞超 Yu Chao Editor 俞超 Yu Chao Editor

The SHB-100 Time Ring series SHB-100 watch is really great! When I go on an international trip, I need to be careful to change my watch to local time settings. But I downloaded the CASIO WATCH+ app and installed it on my phone so my watch changed its time and date to local settings automatically when I arrived at a new destination.

Its unbelievable technology. When I look at the photos of my travel, the black boots of people walking around in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa, the wool hats worn by people in Seoul’s Sinsadong, and other items remind me of my travels. On this trip as well, London memories of going to the top of The Shard, slipping out to Redchurch Street or Brick Lane, all include my CASIO SHEEN!

戴嘉 Dai Jia Editor 戴嘉 Dai Jia Editor

In my role as a fashion editor, I handle various different fashion accessories every day. One important role of a wristwatch is to coordinate with the wearer's fashion. Besides their practical value, the appearance of these items is also essential.

The SHEEN SHB-100 Time Ring Series takes application of the latest Bluetooth technology to the next level. Its peach gold coloring helps to enhance my skin tone! Its style also is simple to coordinate with my daily fashions.

齐琳颖 Qi Lin Ying Editor 齐琳颖 Qi Lin Ying Editor

Discovering a thing of beauty makes a person feel good. That is very true of this watch. It is Bluetooth capable, so it can interact with a phone app to update its time settings automatically. Solar charging is just the thing to keep the watch running during international travel. But of course the biggest feature of this watch is its design. The beautiful design of this watch has made me a fan.