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Global Time Sync

GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor

GPS + Multi Band 6

Accuracy anytime, in any location

Besides receiving terrestrial radio waves from all the world’s six terrestrial transmission stations, CASIO’s hybrid watches can acquire positioning and time information from GPS satellites and obtain the correct time at the current location with the push of a button anywhere in the world.
Timepiece practicability has advanced to encompass the entire globe, while retaining the radio-controlled watch’s reliable indoor time-calibration signal reception. CASIO’S proprietary hybrid technology enables accurate time reception no matter where the user is located.

GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor

GPS satellite signal reception

  • — Obtains positioning and time information for the current location from GPS satellites.
  • — Determines the location’s Summer Time status and displays the correct time automatically.
  • — Connects with GPS satellites with a push of a button (hold down 3 seconds) and receives time data within 7 seconds (minimum) from the satellites.

Original GPS algorithm

Upon reception of positioning information, the watch employs high-resolution map data that divides the earth’s surface into a grid comprising 2.6 billion cells to determine its current location with high accuracy of approximately 500m. This provides users with access to more accurate time information, including time zone and Summer Time information, even when they cross from one time zone to another.

Original GPS algorithm

Terrestrial radio wave reception (Multi Band 6)

  • — Capable of radio wave reception both indoors* and out.
    *In locations such as the vicinity of windows with good radio wave reception.
  • — Automatic night-time radio wave reception minimises the possibility of reception failures in order to maintain accurate time indication.
  • — Terrestrial radio wave reception consumes less battery power than GPS signal reception.

Multi Band 6

Watches equipped with Multi Band 6 receive radio waves carrying time-calibration signals from six transmission stations around the world. They use the signals to correct the time automatically in Japan, North America, UK, Europe and China.

Multi Band 6 North American region

Multi Band 6 UK/European region

Multi Band 6 China

Multi Band 6 Japan